When we say VR is for everyone, we mean it. We are dedicated to giving everyone the best experience, no matter the circumstance.


Our Space:

With two sidewalk ramps, the width of our front door is the only potentially limiting factor for entry. Our space itself can be effortlessly opened up to accommodate any mobility needs, complete with our couch and arm-less lobby chair for ample seating options. The rugs in each space are removable. The lights can be reduced and sounds eliminated for those who are sensory sensitive. We proudly accept all service animals.


Our Games:

Nothing we have requires the use of sound, and many games do not require mobility throughout the space. Most games can be enjoyed seated. While most games do require the use of at least one arm/wrist/hand, there are experiences that do not. We have games with low sensory output, and that require little instructions. Games that do have important audio also have subtitles. The most required visually is vision in one eye (we’ve had multiple customers confirm that for us), but those who are blind are welcome to experience the surround audio present in the games. Otherwise, even those who do not want to play can still join their group in our space and have fun just enjoying each other’s company.

We can find a game for you.

If you have concerns about how VR may interact with your afflictions (ex. epilepsy, PTSD, etc) please don’t hesitate to reach out so we can work with you specifically to find an experience that you will love.


Our Staff:

We are passionate about bringing the best experience possible to all people, therefore we are willing to accommodate in any way you could want. If you feel a private experience would be best, we can arrange so just you and or your loved ones are interacting with the full attention of a staff member. Deaf or ASL users: Be sure to specifically request our staff member Anna. Not only will it make her day to get the opportunity to practice and learn more ASL, but she is more than willing to do her best to provide interpretation.

Your Experience Matters.


Questions? Concerns? We would love to discuss this further with you!

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