Several games can be found in multiple categories. 

Most Popular 



Shooting Games and Zombies 




Most Popular: These are the most popular games we feature. If you don't know what to play, you cannot go wrong with one of these titles!


Multiplayer: Have a blast with your friends! You can team up to kill some zombies, go head to head in futuristic dodge ball, and even defuse bombs with your friends outside of the headset. Just be sure to book multiple headsets! 


Sports: You don't have to be an athlete to enjoy these games! From classic ping pong to a thrilling climbing game, you'll have fun and you might even get a workout in too! 


Shooting Games: Guns, lasers, exploding zombies. Plain and simple, if you like to shoot stuff, chose one of these. 

Warning: Arizona Sunshine has graphic imagery and adult language. Parental guidance is advised. 


Family: A ton of fun, for every age. We pride ourselves on having a majority of games that are family friendly, but if you want to find a safe game for your child we can assure you these will be a hit. 


Others: Fantastic games that don't quite fit any of the categories above. Give them a try! 

Don't see your favorite game?

We can only get games that offer commercial licenses. That, and some games just aren't suitable for our family friendly environment. Nevertheless, we love finding new games, so if you have a suggestion let us know!

We cycle through new games all the time. If you want to be sure if we do or do not have a game, just ask!